Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At MVP-Tours, LLC we understand the importance of protecting your personal data. That is why any information we collect from you is kept secure. Because we do all the work ourselves and only offer services directly to our client's, there is no need to share customer data with any third-parties. When you provide us information through our contact form it goes directly to our secured business email which is only accessible by the owner's to fulfill and answer inquiries. If a service is needed, then that data is manually transferred to our billing platform to send out an invoice. Financial data will be requested via the invoice, and once a transaction is complete, your data is completely removed from both of our platforms, ensuring your personal data is completely protected.

Email Address: Your email address is required for us to respond to any inquiries and is also required when one of our services are needed to send a proper invoice.

Name: Your name is required, allowing us to know and address our client, as well as verification during an invoice transaction.

Phone Number: A good contact number allows us speak to you directly if we have any questions or concerns about the project and services you've requested. It also serves as an additional form of communication if we are out in the field and email is unavailable.

Financial Information: Any financial information requested (such as credit card, crypto wallet, etc.) will only be requested via invoice from our billing platform, and is only necessary when services have been agreed upon.