Metaverse Integration

The ancient Greeks defined meta as meaning 'beyond' and today it's defined as being the best in their field and a reference to the future of technology, the metaverse. So why incorporate meta into the business of photography and virtual 3-D tours? Because we have our sights on the future and see the metaverse becoming an integral part of our lives. The technology we use today utilizes advanced mapping software which can, in the foreseeable future, be the bridge that connects the real world to the metaverse. We're already seeing real estate be tied to NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and sold at auction, so as blockchain technology continues to evolve we'll be on the front lines leading the charge to serve our clients with the most cutting edge marketing techniques in the metaverse.


We're avid investors and adapters of cryptocurrencies along with the benefits of blockchain technology. If you also fall into this category then we've got wonderful news for you. As an advanced photography and virtual tour business we understand the importance of staying on top of trending technologies, that is why we also accept cryptocurrencies as an optional form of payment.