Based in Austintown, MVP-Tours, LLC was founded by Ernest and Stephania Urbanowicz, combining their passion for real estate, photography, and technology. The husband and wife duo are Ohio natives and Youngstown/Warren Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors; consistently supporting locally owned businesses and giving back to their community through volunteer work with Veteran Service Organization's as well as bringing attention to local and national parks through Google Street View updates and beautification. It's an absolute pleasure to offer these services to our expansive network and partners in real estate, business and our community.

If you're preparing to list a property, want to showcase your business, or anything in between, we look forward to working with you.

Ernest 'Bahn' Urbanowicz

Veteran - Entrepreneur - Dad

Ernest is a big geek, his love for technology spans as far back as he can remember. Not knowing what career path to follow, he joined the Air Force as a logistics and supply technician after graduating from Ravenna High School and Maplewood Career Center in 2007. Due to the customs and formalities of the military calling one by rank and last name, the nickname ‘Bahn’ became a staple because of his long surname. Stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany for most of his military career, he served two tours during the Persian Gulf war and was honorably discharged in 2012.

After separating from the Air Force, he returned home to Ohio and met Stephania, a super smart nerd who also enjoys playing video games and cosplaying. Little did he know, they would fall deeply in love and get married at Squire’s Castle years later. His career in logistics and supply spanned for over a decade, and during that time he completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Ashford University (UAGC) in 2018. He enjoys playing video games, collecting LEGO Star Wars, traveling, reading, trying new technologies, researching finance, and studying philosophy.

From his experience and education, Bahn began experimenting with entrepreneurship and fell in love with the idea of being one’s own boss. The first business was a resume and cover letter service, it failed miserably. Throughout the years he tinkered with other ideas and still has many today. He found his first success in turning his hobby of LEGO into a business and ran it for two years, ultimately shutting it down due to increased price hikes effecting profits as well as the possibility of moving out of state.

He joined the Veteran’s Service Commission to serve as a Veteran’s Service Officer, assisting disabled veterans like himself obtain the benefits they rightfully deserve. Shortly after starting this position, Ernest and Stephania were on a weekend trip to Boston where Stephania brought a Goku Onesie and positive pregnancy test, a little girl was on the way to change their lives forever. Happy with this news, Ernest decided to put his background and education to work.

Ernest then began diving into the world of investing and financial literacy determined to make his daughter’s life better than his ever was. He found a strong interest in real estate, decided to become a Realtor, and passed both his state and national exams on the first try in December 2021. After obtaining his license he began researching long term goals, but found something interesting in real estate, virtual tours. Que Light bulb.

With the rise of the Metaverse and seeing a company already implementing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in real estate transactions, Ernest looked at virtual 3-D tours as a means of business to not only serve current clients but how it can be integrated into the Metaverse in the future. Combing over the details and discussing the venture in depth with his wife, Ernest and Stephania founded MVP-Tours, LLC with a clear vision of the future in the business of marketing.

Stephania R. Urbanowicz

Mom - Nerdy - Forever Tired

Stephania enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi books. She first utilized the enjoyment to immerse herself into the story and “escape from reality”. She comes from a large family and books were her way to go on amazing adventures while still being at home. Little did she know this was an opening to a lot of upcoming and long loved hobbies. Books, video games, acting, cosplaying, and Dungeons & Dragons became larger parts of her life. Another escape was going to care for horses across from her high school home. There she learned the importance of a balanced mind, as well as gaining confidence in oneself. She will be forever grateful to Amoroso Farms.

Fresh out of high school, Stephania was pushed to go to college. There she met Ernest Urbanowicz. She stressed that she was not looking for a relationship, just wanted more friends. He made sure to change that aspect and started dating shortly after. Stephania then realized that the educational systems were not working for her and decided to experience life more. Together with Ernest, they started a few businesses and learned from each of them. They began traveling the world together; Nassau, Paris, Seattle, Niagara Falls (US and Canada sides), and continuing to visit national parks in the US. They would enjoy video games both separately and together, as well as going to comic and anime conventions together.

Ernest married Stephania, and a few years later they were expecting a little girl. This was a new, terrifying, and exciting time for Stephania. She was growing new life during the Covid Pandemic. What was joyful for most new and expecting moms were a bunch of roadblocks for sharing this journey with her husband. The main joy was being able to see the sonograms of the growing girl. This had sparked her interest in becoming a sonographer. Stephania had birthed a healthy little girl, who continues to grow too fast before her eyes. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that this little girl doesn’t know what sound sleep is.